TrenchCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

TrenchCraft mod includes many materials for warfare-type situations: blocks, such barbed wire, concrete, bunker lights, trench materials, etc.  It also has explosives that range from just above TNT to world-destroying!  A few guns are included and more will be added as time goes on!  TrenchCraft also contains reinforced redstone components (all except the repeater, which is coming). This allows for redstone contraptions to have more resistance to explosions.

Gun Mechanics:

  • Silencer: If you are using a gun and you want to silence it, you can use a silencer.  If there is a silencer anywhere in your inventory, your gun will be silenced.  You can check by putting your cursor on the item.  If it says ‘Silenced’, the gun is silenced.  If it says ‘Not Silenced’, your gun is not silenced.
  • Ammunition: this mod adds both ‘Gun Ammunition’ and ‘Rockets’.  If you are using a regular gun, such as the sniper, you use ‘Gun Ammunition’.  For the Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher, you use ‘Rockets’.

trenchcraft-mod trenchcraft-mod trenchcraft-mod trenchcraft-mod

TrenchCraft Mod Installation:

Credit: LutzBlox

TrenchCraft Mod Download:


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