Tree Capitator Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2 and 1.6.4

Tree Capitator Mod is allows you to chop down an entire tree (leaves and all) by harvesting one of its logs. Based on Terraria tree-cutting style.

Tree Capitator Mod Tree Capitator Mod 1

Tree Capitator Mod Features:

  • Forge version can break any log out of the box (see .minecraft/config/TreeCapitator.cfg for details)
  • Sneak while chopping to break logs normally (configurable)
  • Configurable list of tool IDs to determine what an “axe” is
  • optional item damage based on number of logs broken (defaults to enabled)
  • optional increasing item damage per block broken (off by default)
  • Smart tree-detection (configurable)
  • option to destroy leaves (enabled by default)
  • option to shear leaves (with a shear-type item in hotbar)
  • option to shear vines (with a shear-type item in hotbar)
  • disable drops in creative
  • disable tool requirement
  • mod version checking (never miss a new feature)

how it works:

Tree Detection

  • Trees are determined by looking at the number of leaf blocks that neighbor the top block of a vertical column of logs.
  • If the top block has 3 or more neighboring leaf blocks the code considers that column of logs to be a tree.
  • If the top block does not have 3 neighboring leaf blocks the code will default to normal block breaking.

Item Damage

  • Axes and Shears that have the Unbreaking enchantment will work the way they are supposed to.
  • Damage is applied to the item as each block is broken in the chain.
  • The allowMoreBlocksThanDamage setting should be self-explanitory, but basically it means that if it is set to false and your item breaks in the middle of chopping down a tree, the remaining blocks will not be broken.
  • The code will not search for other axes in your hotbar to apply damage to if your current axe breaks.
  • If you have multiple “shear-type” items in your hotbar, the code will always apply damage to the left-most item.

Destroying Leaves/Vines

  • Shearing vines doesn’t get every vine  It seems to favor vines hanging on the Western face of the tree.
  • The destroyLeaves setting MUST be set to true in order for shearLeaves or shearVines to work.
  • The shearLeaves and shearVines settings can be enabled independently of each other.
  • Yes, sometimes a few leaf blocks are left behind after chopping a tree, but they will decay normally.

Tree Capitator Mod Installation:

  • Requires Risugami’s ModLoader
  • Install BspkrsCore
  • Do not extract. Drop the downloaded zip file into the mods folder in your .minecraft folder.

Credits: bspkrs

Download Tree Capitator Mod

For 1.7.2:

Tree-Capitator-Mod-1.7.2.jar 71 KB!UgAmnaib!CsR7ISWteNUAybHqwJuneWdATKN7-URMe5W0fbTb1LU

For 1.5.2:

For 1.6.2:

For 1.6.4: