Touhou Craft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.6.2/1.6.1

Touhou Craft Texture Pack is a pack done by using Touhou Theme. It changes the world almost in the whole.

Additional Details
Wooden Sword = Kanako’s Onbashira
Stone Sword = Nue’s trident
Iron Sword = Youmu’s sword
Gold Sword = Tenshi’s Sword
Diamond Sword = Cirno’s Icicle sword
Bow = Eirn’s Bow
Arrow = Eirn’s Arrows
Shot Arrows = Danmaku

Fishing Rod = Yukkuri Fishing Rod
Egg = Mystia Egg
Snowball = Frozen Frog
Firecharge = Those big red bullet things.
Endereye thing = Okuu’s sun thing.
Exp Orbs = Power Ups
Gold Nugget = Komachi Coins
Blaze Rod = Okuu’s Control Rod
Exp Bottle = UFO
Bucket of milk = Suika’s bottle
Stone Hoe = Nazrin’s hook thing
Flint and Steel = Marisa’s Hakkero
Leather vest = PADS
Rotten flesh = Yoshika head
Books = Alice’s Grimoire
Golden apple = Bad apple
Cauldron = Kisume’s Bucket
Throwing Potions = Shanghai
The Writable Books = Alice’s Grimoire + Shanghai
Sponge = Nazrin Cheese
Mushroom Soup/Bowl = Yuugi’s Shake
Ghast Tear = Orin’s Floating Skulls
Potions = Yin Yang
Iron chestplate = Okuu eye
Ender Pearls= Okuu bullet
Enchanted Book = Patchy’s book

Zombies = Yoshika
Silverfish = Myons
Sheep = Mokou
Slime = Yukkuri
Squid = Suwako Hat
Ghast = Bakebake

touhou-craft-texture-pack touhou-craft-texture-pack touhou-craft-texture-pack

Credit: italktowalls

Touhou Craft Texture Pack Download:

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