Texture Pack Last Days for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2/1.4.7

Last Days Texture Pack

Texture Pack Last Days is a post-apocalyptic pack, wherever little or no within the Minecraft world is left untouched by the ravages of conflict, undoubtedly price a glance if you wish one thing so much faraway from customary Minecraft default.

This Texture Pack is created by dereksmith, all credit to him.

last-days last-days

Texture Pack Last Days Installation

1. transfer Kahrs HD Patcher if you’ve got not already. Run The patcher. Texture Pack Last Days doesn’t need you to settle on a pack and is fairly easy to use.
2. transfer LAST DAYS
3. Place LAST DAYS.Zip within the your texture pack folder.
4. Open your game and choose LAST DAYS From Mods and texture packs..

Last Days Texture Pack Features

  • A custom recorded sound track.
  • A full written lore
  • Snow biome overhaul
  • Lots and lots of alternate textures

Last Days one.4.7 Texture Pack – transfer Last Days Texture Pack for Minecraft one.4.7. This pack has started by Doku (creator of the ever in style RPG pack). Doku began this pack with the essential land-scape shaping textures (Dirt, Grass, Stone, water, trees, etc) however didn’t have time to try to to way more before discontinuing the pack. The thought he had, and therefore the work he finished was to sensible to let die. victimisation Doku’s visual and abstract foundation History continuing the pack, dilated it, and improved it. Sound fascinating right ? if you would like to put in this Last Days one.4.7 Texture Pack, simply see my post below


 Minecraft 1.4.7


 Minecraft 1.6


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