The Building Game Map for Minecraft 1.8 / 1.7

The Building Game Map - A Minecraft building mini-game for 7 players. How to install: Download the map. Extract file. Go to … [Read more...]

Tanviir Map for 1.7.2

Tanviir Map for 1.7.2

Tanviir, the planet of high fantasy. pay hours exploring colossus once colossus, as you are feeling your game, and heart, stop in awe. extremely … [Read more...]

Bridge Out Battle Map for Minecraft 1.7.2

Welcome to Bridge Out Battle, or BOB for brief. this can be a team primarily based PVP map wherever a pair of opposing groups should bridge resolute … [Read more...]

Gabum’s Golf Maps

Gabum’s Golf is a Minigolf map with a total of 27 Holes. In the first part there are 4 courses: Normal (9 Holes), Nether(3 Holes), Aqua (6 Holes) … [Read more...]

Fantasy Map

How to install: Download Fantasy Map Extract file Go to %appdata% Go to .minecraft/saves folder Drag map folder into it Start … [Read more...]

Wrecked Survival Map for Minecraft 1.7

There are 4 Islands to Explore, and 4 Islands to find new items on: Skull Island (Home Island.) and 3 other Islands. This Survival Map must be … [Read more...]

50 Sub Special Map

50 Sub Special Map contains a savanna biome with plateaus, jungle biome with tall palm-like trees, a hot desert biome with endless dunes, an awsome … [Read more...]

Flappy Bird Map

Flappy Bird Map Features: Distance Counter up to 82 3 difficultys [Easy,Hard,Ultra] Randomly generated path for the … [Read more...]

Mediterranean Estate Map

Spectacular world class Mediterranean ideally located in the prestigious guardgated Estates of the Oaks! Boasting unobstructed mountain and canyon … [Read more...]

Jurassic Park Map

Jurassic Park Map is created for Jurassic Park fans, It is a scale 1-1 Isla Nublar, and all the landscape is exactly as shown in the movie and the … [Read more...]