SuperEnchants Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

SuperEnchants Mod allows you to enchant tools that have high levels. Note that you will need 30 levels and a enchanting table with maxed out levels. The higher the level you use to enchant, the luckier you will get. Enchanting something next to lvl 10 will lead to NEAR impossible.. 🙂

Enchantments that their limits have been increased or changed:
Sharpness Levels up to 10 [X]
Fire Aspect Levels up to 10 [X]
Looting Levels up to 5 [V]
Knockback Levels up to 5 [V]
Efficiency Levels up to 10 [X]
Unbreaking Levels up to 10 [X]
Fortune Levels up to 5 [V]
Protection Levels up to 10 [X]
Projectile Protection Levels up to 10 [X]
Thorns Levels up to 5 [V] <– BUGGY!!!!!
Power Levels up to 10 [X]
Punch Levels up to 5 [V]

 superenchants-mod superenchants-mod superenchants-mod superenchants-mod

SuperEnchants Mod Installation:

  • No requirement of Forge or Modloader
  • Downloaded files, drag and drop to minecraft.jar

Credit: Twinklez

SuperEnchants Mod Download: (V0.3)


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