Stained Glass mod support for minecraft 1.4.5/1.4.6/1.4.7

This is Stained Glass and Stained Glass Panes in all the colors of dye. Stained Glass mod was requested by MephistosChan, coded by me, the basic Glass Furnace was textured by Morton00000 and the Upgraded Glass Furnace and the GUIs were textured by Lethosos.

Stained Glass mod (2) Stained Glass mod (1)

Stained Glass mod Installer instruction

Stained Glass mod requires Forge.

Choose the appropriate download for your version of minecraft. All the downloads contain one .class file and one .zip file. The .class file goes in minecraft.jar(modpack.jar for technic/tekkit) and the .zip file goes in the mods folder as usual.

How to Using Stained Glass mod:

All the blocks are available in creative mode. To craft the Glass Furnace, it’s the same pattern as a normal furnace but with a piece of glass in the center. To run, it must be next to a lava source block and you must have fed it a mob(hostile, passive, player, doesn’t matter. Baby animals are worth the most). Once those two conditions are met, throw some glass and dye in the slots and watch the magic happen. Shift clicking works in the GUI too. The basic version can hold 100 animal soul units, and takes 10 seconds to run. To get the upgraded version, completely fill the soul buffer, put 5 lava source blocks next to it and feed it a baby animal. The upgraded version holds 200 soul units, gets a x2 multiplier when feeding and only takes 5 seconds to run. Glass panes are crafted the same way as normal glass panes, but with their respective colors of glass.


The config file should be located in the config folder. for 1.2.5, Stained Glass mod should be named Glass.cfg, while in 1.3.2 it should be named mod_Glass.cfg. You can customize the used block IDs. In addition, the “Use Glass Furnace” setting will enable or disable the glass furnace and it’s block ID. If it’s disabled, you can craft Stained Glass with one glass and one dye in a crafting table.

Download: for minecraft 1.4.6/1.4.7

Download: for minecraft 1.4.5

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