Space Survival map for Minecraft

On a distant planet similar to earth, you have awoken in your very own space house! It has everything you need for survival! However, you have no memory of your past, and you are unable to find a way out of your house.

Extreme Survival is in your grasp! The space house includes brewery station, tree farm, melon farm, wheat farm, enchantment and repair room, and a huge mine!

All important items are in your inventory and are ready to go. Plus, you start out with a huge amount of xp! Want to make a railroad through the mine, but don’t want to craft all those rails? Look no further! Plenty of rails await you! Want to venture off to 2 other planets? Head to the space ship and go into cryogenic sleep!

However, danger awaits you in the caves… the world you are currently on is ravaged by alien drop pods. The drop pods have generators inside them that spawn endless amounts of enemies! Be careful out there.

Space Survival map for Minecraft


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