So Many Swords Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

So Many Swords Mod

So Many Swords Mod add more stuffs into game, more swords and weapons into game. All stuffs use vanilla items to craft it.
Special Thanks to MCreator for made my dream come true and thanks to NEI mod for item recipes.

So Many Swords Mod screenshots


  • add more swords
  • special ability for each sword
  • range weapons and throwing weapon
  • special armor
  • food
  • Summon mob to fight for you

So Many Swords Mod Recipes

Lightning Spear

Special: Lightning strike

Posted Image

Redstone Powered Sword

Special: Explosion ! Blow everything around you

Posted Image

Sword of Ender

Special: Teloport

Posted Image

Flint Sword

Posted Image

Obsidian Sword

Posted Image

Slime Swordility
Posted Image

Sugarcane Sword

Posted Image

Lapis Sword

Posted Image

Blazing Crossbow
Special: shoot flaming arrow
Posted Image

Special: High knockback, rapid fire
Posted Image


Special: Breaking wood block faster

Posted Image

Upgraded Chainsaw

Special: Breaking wood block faster and Explosion !

Posted Image

Glass Sword

Special: Strong as diamond with 10 uses

Posted Image


Special: Teleport for short distant and destroy everything around you

Posted Image

Blood Scythe


Special: Pay with your blood and recieve Strength II

cost up to 8 hearts of damage, so be careful with this item Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Sword Of Goddess Tear
Special: Toggledownfall
Posted Image

Blaze War Axe
Posted Image

Health Pack
Special: Restore 15 hunger points and fully heal HP.
Posted Image

Dynamite on Stick
Special: Blow up everythings
Posted Image

Reinforced Crossbow/ Blazing Crossbow
more dullability, knockback and attack damage
Posted Image
Posted Image

Blaze Dynamite
Special: Hugh explosion ! and spawn lava at the center.
(This thing can blow up your house, so be careful with it )
Posted Image

Rotten Flesh –> Leather
Craft leather armors easier
Posted Image

Gravel –> Flint
I know your feel, bro Posted Image
Posted Image

So Many Swords Mod Installation

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Put downloaded archive into .minecraft/mods/ folder. Thats it!


For 1.6.4

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