C4 and Slingshot Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

C4 and Slingshot Mod is a simple mod. it is way to have a ranged weapon for your adventures. 2 new slingshots with simple craftes to make easy the survival.

C4 and Slingshot Mod C4 and Slingshot Mod C4 and Slingshot Mod

HOW TO USE C4 and Slingshot Mod

To use the C4 mod first craft it and the remote detonator, then place it wherever you want and trigger all the placed C4 by hitting the right mousebutton, while you are holding the remote detonator.
You can craft C4 by putting tnt in the whole crafting grid of the crafting table.

C4 and Slingshot Mod Description:

  • C4(Composite Compound 4) (2.5 times stronger than TNT).
  • C4 remote detonator.
  • Slingshot which shoots pebbles.
  • Slingshot which shoots explosive pebbles.
  • Pebbles.

C4 and Slingshot Mod Installation:

  • Go to the “.minecraft/bin” directory
  • Use 7zip or another archive viewer to open minecraft.jar
  • Delete the META-INF folder (if on a MAC only delete the Mojang_c files)
  • Copy ALL the “.class” files and the “mod” folder contained within the mod to minecraft.jar.
  • Close minecraft.jar
  • Enjoy the mod!