Skyward Sword Resource Pack 1.8.8/1.8



Skyward Sword Resource Pack 1.8.8/1.8 is a Skyward Sword resource pack and currently it adds sounds and textures from Skyward Sword! Not everything is finished yet as the pack is only at 30% done as of now, but it will be updated every so often! The sounds currently replace stuff like ambient music, menu music, and records/jukebox music! Also a secret sound if you are “leveled” enough…
Hope you enjoy the pack!

Custom Language File / Item Renames Guide
To get custom item/block names for the pack simply put the pack on and then select the Pirate Speak language in the language settings, you will automatically get them!

Download Skyward Sword Resource Pack 1.8.8/1.8 free now.




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