Roguelike Dungeons Mod for Minecraft 1.6.1/1.6.2

Roguelike Dungeons Mod is inspired by super-hostile maps and roguelike dungeon crawlers. With the added insanity of destructible/buildable terrain. Fundamentally the gameplay is vanilla, with the changes mainly being to the world generator.

  • Add randomized maze-like dungeons riddled with monsters, spawners and phat lewtz.
  • Available for single player, and for multiplayer.
  • Meant to be played on hard, but scales down for lower difficulties

roguelike-dungeons-mod roguelike-dungeons-mod roguelike-dungeons-mod

Roguelike Dungeons Mod Installation:

  • Stand-alone type install.
  • Use 7zip or some other jar editor to update the minecraft jar with the mod files
  • Delete meta-inf

Credit: Greymerk

Roguelike Dungeons Mod Download 1.6.1:

Roguelike Dungeons

Roguelike Dungeons

Roguelike Dungeons Mod Download 1.6.2: (99 KB) (104 KB)

(Note that joining the server does NOT require the client mod to be installed)

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