PayDay: the Minecraft Heist Map for Minecraft 1.6.2/1.6.1

PayDay: the Minecraft Heist Map brings the game Payday the Heist to your Minecraft world. It’s for more than 4 co-op players, 3 playable heists and 1 bonus level which should take 1-2 hours depending on play style. The map also adds Item shops, Custom mobs, 23 Achievements, hidden secrets & Easter eggs all within High quality builds.



PayDay: the Minecraft Heist Map Guide:

Midnight Snack: – Cook a raw chicken in furnace in safehouse
Button Pusher:   – Push all 4 buttons in the safehouse
Well Thats Convenient: – Complete jumping puzzle unlocked Via Button Pusher Achievement
Reuse Reduce Recycle: – Use bin in safehouse
Following Orders: – Go to sleep in safehouse
Suit up: – Use the Armour shop
Time for an Upgrade: – Use the book shop
Someone will reinstall it: – Use the fridge in the diamond heist safehouse
Leap of faith: – Jump over to diamond heist and hit the low part of the ladder
Apple user: – Find the apple computer on the bottom floor of diamond heist and use the lever
Construction worker?: – Use a lever in the construction site first floor of diamond heist
Big Game Hunter: – Use the lever to override the big Emerald
On a beach earning 20%: – Escape with the big emerald
White collar crime: -Take the painting from the warehouse briefing of First world bank (Ladder jumping puzzle)
OverKill!!! : – Stand on the raised red carpet’s in the vault lobby (The one with 4 elevators) at first world bank
Payday….: – Use weights on black pressure plates to unlock the hidden vault
What jaffa Cake?: – Hit button on bin in first world banks underground parking lot(Where the escape truck is)
Modern Art: – Remove painting and use button behind it on the boat in green bridge level
Holy S&*%t: – Use ladders to climb green construction site to find hidden room(ladder at the base in the water of green building)
Sniper Challenge: – Shoot villiager off H shape building adjacent of diamond heist
One Last Job: – Complete DJ quest and get jewel of the nile
Mmmmm Pepperoni: – Throw pizza from first world banks fridge under the door of apartment 200 in safe house building.

PayDay: the Minecraft Heist Map Notes:

Make sure your on at least easy: Map will tell you if your not.
CommandBlockOutput – false
doMobSpawning – false
doTileDrops – false
keepInventory – true
mobGriefing – false

Credit: Xander369

PayDay: the Minecraft Heist Map Download:

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