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OptiFine HD for Minecraft 1.8/1.7.10


Now, many Minecraft Texture Packs request you to install OptiFine HD first, because OptiFine HD will make your Minecraft look better and better performance with a lot of effects and settings for your Minecraft. You will have a HD textures system with double your common Minecraft FPS.

Say thanks to: sp614x.

You can see what OptiFine HD for Minecraft can do in this table:


Download OptiFine HD for Minecraft:

For Minecraft 1.5.2

OptiFine HD D5 Ultra:http://bit.ly/1F86cvl

OptiFine HD D5 Standard:http://bit.ly/1J41Erz

OptiFine HD D2 Light:http://bit.ly/1E1gGYe

For 1.6.2

OptiFine HD C4 Ultra:http://bit.ly/1zV0MUt

OptiFine HD C4 Standard:http://bit.ly/1F86pic

OptiFine HD C4 Light:http://bit.ly/1zRtvsZ

For 1.6.4

OptiFine HD C8 Ultra:http://bit.ly/1F86Fh7

OptiFine HD C8 Standard:http://bit.ly/1cGrjdL

OptiFine HD C7 Light:http://bit.ly/1AQ81Ia

OptiFine HD + Forge + Shaders:http://bit.ly/1HbHGf3

For 1.7.2

OptiFine HD C2 Ultra: http://bit.ly/1GYjKGv

OptiFine HD C2 Standard: http://bit.ly/1AQ8nhU

For 1.7.10

OptiFine HD B7 Ultra:http://bit.ly/1AQ8FFr

OptiFine HD B7 Standard:http://bit.ly/1J43fOb

OptiFine HD B6 Light:http://bit.ly/1EuHG2S

For Minecraft 1.8

OptiFine HD U B2: http://bit.ly/1zRuLMy

For Minecraft 1.8.4

OptiFine HD U B2: http://bit.ly/1KW7jPl

How to Install

  • How to install OptiFine HD:

    I recommend you start install OptiFine with a clean minecraft.jar

    1. Download, then open Magic Launcher.
    2. Click to Setup button, then click Add to browser your OptiFine zip file.
    3. Click OK and you can play Minecraft now!

Credit by:sp614x

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