NuclearCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

NuclearCraft Mod adds new items to Minecraft

  • Nuclear Reactors
  • Uranium Ore that naturally spawns in between Y:10 and Y:50
  • Uranium (Uranium Ingot)
  • Electric Wire that doesn’t do anything at the moment.
  • Carbon Ore and Dust  – IDEA BY UndeadGaming606
  • Unrefined Steel
  • Steel Ingot
  • Steel Tools
  • Steel Armor




Uranium Ore ———–> Uranium

Shapeless Crafting

Carbon Dust + Iron ingot ———————–> Unrefined Steel


Unrefined Steel ———–> Steel Ingot

Steel Tools and Armor can be crafted just like regular armor and tools.

Nuclear Reactors and Electric Wire cannot be crafted yet due to the fact that they are completely useless at the moment.

NuclearCraft Mod Installation:

Credit: Cloud33666

NuclearCraft Mod Download:


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