Newest Skin For Minercraft :MCSkin 3D

Hi everyone!

Today, I will  present to you MCSkin3D: a 3d, real-time skin editor for Minecraft!
Unlike other real-time editors, this editor actually lets you paint on the model, as well as the 2d texture map, also providing a neat management facility for all of your installed skins, and a convenient upload button.

So what is the” MCSkin 3D”? -Actually, it is is both a skin management and skin editing tool. It holds all of your skins in a convenient place, lets you manage them from within the program, and even lets you upload your skin directly to without ever needing to open a browser.

MCSkin3D was inspired by several sources, notably Q2MDL, an old Quake 2 skinning tool, SkinEdit (http://www.minecraft…-alpha-3-pre-7/), an excellent 2d skinning program for Minecraft, as well as modern editing tools such as The GIMP.

The code is licensed under the GPL, and visible here:

Before attempting to use the painter, please go through the View options and get to know them.


3d 2d hybird




MCSkin3D requires that you have the .NET Framework version 3.5 installed. A Linux and Mac port is in the works!

The program should be self-explanatory, and I made sure to tooltip any important things. When in camera mode, left mouse button rotates the camera while right mouse button (or mouse wheel) zooms – in paint mode, right-mouse button rotates while middle-mouse button will zoom.

Some suggested features for future versions:

– Possible Mono support, for Linux/Mac users

– Painting collaboration over TCP

– Optimized tool shortcutting (left-click for one tool, right-click for another, shift for another, etc)
– Selection tool
– Block & mob texturing support
– Posing
– External program support (picks up on skin changes)


.NET Framework v3.5:…ails.aspx?id=22 (MSDN is kinda  broken right now, refresh a couple times)

Special thank to all of you!

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