Moses Mod 1.7.10


Moses Mod 1.7.10 add two new things that is staves: Staff of Moses and Burnt Staff of Moses. They make a 5 block wide and 64 block long path when you right-click the water while facing the direction you want to go. Then, your path is ready. If you want to cancel or remove the path, you just right-click again anywhere and it will suddenly close all paths. This also works with lava. You might wonder how to get this amazing staff because it can’t be crafted manually, what you have to do is just throw a stick at a burning bush ( make sure that the fire is on a leaf, though ) to make the staff. For the second one or Burnt Staff of Moses you just need to find some lava with the regular staff. Moreover, there are two more features, you can make the whole water in your world become blood by left-click water and click again to turn it back to water. You hit stones with staff to create a source of water.



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