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Mo’ Villages Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4 and 1.6.2

Mo’ Villages Mod is NOT Overpowered. In Vanilla Minecraft you (probably) have to walk hours and hours to find a village, this Mod just makes the villages spawn every 8×8 – 10×10 chunks.

Mo’ Villages Mod Features:

  • 2 New Village Types (Jungle, Ocean)
  • Decrased Rarity (difficult to explain, but you wont be walking hours to find villages anymore.)
  • Villages Spawn in All Biomes (Even Ocean)(Except sky & hell Biome)
  • Vanilla & ModLoader Support

Village types:

  • Vanilla:
    • Normal
    • Desert
  • Mod Adds:
    • Jungle
    • Ocean

To Do:

  • Possibly add more Village Types (Open for Ideas)
  • ModLoader version to avoid possible crashes using ModLoader Done!
  • Vanilla Multiplayer support
  • Forge version to avoid possible crashes using Forge / FML
  • Forge Multiplayer support
  • Nether Villages
  • The End Villages

mo-villages-mod mo-villages-mod mo-villages-mod mo-villages-mod mo-villages-mod mo-villages-modhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=lHJzm4RUFnk

Mo’ Villages Mod Installation:

Mo’ Villages Mod Download:

Mo’ Villages Mod 1.5.2.zip

 Mo’ Villages Mod 1.6.1.zip

Mo-Villages-Mod-1.6.4.zip (5 KB)

Credit: taa1taa

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