Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition


After two version are Minecraft for PC and Minecraft Pocket Edition, Mojang and Microsoft Studios have published Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition for Xbox 360. You need to spend 1600 Microsoft Points if you want to buy this game.

Like another Minecraft game, in Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition, you will have your own island, and you will use your creatity to build your own creations and survival into the night, what will bring many monsters to kill you in Survival Mode.

Differences of Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition from Minecraft PC Edition:

  • Doesn’t has normal crafting interface.
  • Fine Split-Screen work fine.
  • Has Tutorial Mode.
  • Can’t change world’s difficulty in game.
  • Start game with a map.
  • 864 blocks limit.
  • You can change your skin from downloadable content.
  • Snow Golems attack Screepers.
  • Can sprint when fly in Creative Mode.

You can learn about Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition’s Controls at: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Controls#Xbox_360_Edition

Hope you will love this Minecraft version.


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