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Minecraft Pocket Edition


Finally, Minecraft Pocket Edition has been published by Mojang after conquered on PC since two years ago. Now you can play Minecraft on Android Devices or iOS with Minecraft Pocket Edition. The price of this version is $6.99 on Appstore and $5.94 on Google Play.

It’s so amazing that you can play Minecraft on your smartphone without any PC or Laptop. You can play Minecraft everywhere at everytime. But remember that you shouldn’t play any video games too much, haha!

Just like Minecraft version for PC, Pocket Edition version will put you into an island which has a lot of kinds of cube. Then you need to using this kinds of cube to build your own craft buildings or everthing you want.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Screenshots:

Minecraft Pocket Edition’s Game Mode:

There are two game mode in Minecraft Pocket Edition, there are survival mode and creative mode.

  • Survival Mode: This is the most exciting, the core of Minecraft. You need to work for craft building on your island at daytime. At night, there are many monster appear. They will try to destroy your creations and attack you. You will need to use your creations and creativity if you want to survival.
  • Creative Mode: In this mode, you can run to everywhere you want and do everything you like.

My Impressions at Minecraft Pocket Edition:

At the first time, I play Minecraft Pocket Edition is on my iPod Touch 5. At that time, I really really felt excited about this game! It is such a amazing game, and don’t like another games on the World. You can do everthing you want, you are yourself! You can build, can destroy, can creat everything for your own! You can feel worry and excited when the night brings monsters into your install and they will try to kill you. You need to survival for the daylight. It’s really a beautiful world with beautiful things. I’m sure that you can’t put your mobile down at the first moment when you build your first house.

Minecraft Pocket Edition is very responsive with smart designed control, need low RAM of your device to run and verry low battery when you are playing. Your device will work fine with 15 background applications, i’m sure about that!

But Pocket Edition has a mistake which you may don’t like is that it can not connect to a Minecraft PC server. It’s mean that if you want to play Minecraft Pocket Edition online, you will to find a server for this version.


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