Marvelous Moon Mod Go to the Moon minecraft 1.4.7

The Marvelous Moon Mod adds the ability to travel to the Moon in a spaceship. Once on the moon, you will find Moonstone, a valuable ore that can be turned into iron. But be careful, the moon is a dangerous place where you have to wear a special suit at all times.

Marvelous Moon Mod Features:

Marvelous Moon Mod 1

Marvelous Moon Mod


Space-Suit: Must be worn while in the vacuum of space in order to prevent explosive decompression.


Marvelous Moon Mod 2

Marvelous Moon Mod


Air Scrubber: Creates artificial atmospheric conditions similar to those on the Minecraft world. To use it, place it in an airtight building and right-click it. If the scrub is successful, then the light will turn green and you no longer have to wear your space suit inside of Marvelous Moon Mod.


Marvelous Moon Mod 3

Marvelous Moon Mod


Cockpit Block: Used only as the key block in the building of a space-ship. Once the ship has been built around it, right click the cockpit in order to teleport to the moon/back to earth.

Marvelous Moon ModRecipe:

Marvelous Moon Mod 4

Marvelous Moon Mod

Framework Block: Framework blocks can be created by putting iron ingots in a 2×2 grid. They operate exactly like Iron blocks, but cost much less to make, making it possible to build huge iron structures on the moon.

Moonstone: The basic block on the moon, it can be smelted to get an iron ingot.

Marvelous Moon Mod 5

Marvelous Moon Mod

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