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LotsOMobs Mod for minecraft 1.6.2 and 1.6.4

LotsOMobs Mod Items and Blocks:

  • Spear: This throwable weapon deals 100 hearts of damage. Crafted with two DinoBones and a SpearTip
  • SpearTip: Smelt an Amber
  • Amber: This is dropped when u mine an AmberOre. This ore generates in the bottom 7 layers of the Dino dimension
  • DinoPortal: This block is a door to the Dino Dimension. Carfted by surendering a FlintAndSteel with Fossils
  • Fossil: Dropped from a fossilore
  • Ivory: Dropped from Elephants and Narwhals
  • Amber Tools: The most powerfull tools yet. Stronger than diamonds!

LotsOMobs Mod Installation:

  • 1. Install Forge and delete META-INF
  • 2. Open the LotsOMobs.zip
  • 3. Drag the content from the folder “Into Jar” into the minecraft,jar
  • 4. Go to your .minecraft folder again. open the folder resources/sound3 and drop the folder called “LotsOMobs” (from the zip ) into here (Its inside the Resources-sound3 Folder)!
  • 5. Go kill some deer!

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LotsOMobs Mod download For 1.5.1

[download]#Link1 LOM1.5.1.zip[/download]

[download]#Link2 mega.co.nz [/download]

[download]#Link3 LotsOMobs-Mod-151.zip[/download]

LotsOMobs Mod download For 1.5.2


LotsOMobs Mod download For 1.6.2


LotsOMobs Mod download For 1.6.4


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