Jurassic Park Map

Jurassic Park Map is created for Jurassic Park fans, It is a scale 1-1 Isla Nublar, and all the landscape is exactly as shown in the movie and the game. We are also trying to build the map as close to the book as possible.

Wehn we did create Isla Nublar, took we a look on the islands in Hawaii, where parts of the movie where recorded. We did also use the 3D models shown on the PC monitor’s and “Jurassic Park The Game” to recreate big parts of the landscape.

Jurassic Park Map 1 Jurassic Park Map 3 Jurassic Park Map 2 Jurassic Park Map





Members of the “Isla Nublar” project:
  • morten_msp
  • builderel
  • moraidwarf88
  • iamcc567
  • Captain_NA
Members of the “Isla Sorna” project:
  • ismexy
  • Live:Andrewdmiller
  • Mattias.hanson.XD
  • Noah Swenson
  • Reiley Ritter
  • The Emblem
Helpers and earlier team members:
  • legostar12
  • clem59285
  • matidi
  • nioncobra
  • HeNd061


  1. Lightbolt55 says:

    Whenever I go into the Visitor Center I crash my game?!!?

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