Jerobrine Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1/1.5.2

Jerobrine Mod adds the most dangrous mob. He is stronger then Herobrine and can’t be beeten with a diamond or any sword that easily. He does not have the destructive nature like herobrine did but he is much more stronger. He will mostly spawn at night and in dark places like caves and sometimes during the day. So watch out if your house is too dark, he will be there. If you see him at night he will start chasing you and other mobs will follow you. Jerobrine has talent for being the faster then the other mobs around. But there is a nice reward for killing him. P/S: He will not burn in sunlight he will wait for you….


Jerobrine Mod Installation:

  • Download the Latest Minecraft Forge
  • Open your start menu and type in %appdata% OR run then enter
  • go to bin the open up minecraft jar
  • Drag  ALL forge files in minecraft jar then delete META INF
  • Drag ALL Jerobrine Mod files to minecraft jar
  • Close up and start minecraft.

Credit: mineshaft689

Jerobrine Mod Download:


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