Iron Man Armors Mod For Minecraft 1.6.2

Iron Man Armors Mod is a WIP mod so I will be adding a lot more content including new Armours and Weapons. This also means that content in the mod is likely to change.

Iron Man Armors Mod Iron Man Armors Mod 1 Iron Man Armors Mod 2

Iron Man Armors Mod Features

  • You can fly when wearing a chestplate from any iron man suit
  • Adds repulses
  • Adds War Machine Gun
  • You will gain the potion effects speed 2 and jump boost 2 when you have a full set of any suit
  • mark 25 – striker will give you haste 2 as well has speed 2 and jump boost 2 when you have a full set
  • Adds a drill which is as good as a diamond pickaxe but doesn’t require diamonds(Requires more cheaper tools than your average pickaxe)
  • Adds two new ores titanium ore and palladium ore
  • Adds a wearable arc reactor
  • Arc reactors can be separated from suits by right clicking with a powered chestplate
  • The mark 5 can be crafted with a empty case which can be used later
  • all suits can be placed down so you can show off your collection of armours

Current Armours

  • Mark II
  • Mark III
  • Mark IV
  • Mark V
  • Mark 25 – Striker
  • War Machine Mark II
  • Iron Patriot

Iron Man Armors Mod Installation

  1. You need Minecraft forge
  2. Open the forge 1.6.2 jar file located in /.minecraft/versions/forge with WinRAR or 7zip
  3. Copy all contents of the file inside the jar file
  4. Run Minecraft and enjoy!

Download for 1.6.2:

Credit : 1superrogerspin

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