Hunger Overhaul Mod For Minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2/1.5.2

HarvestCraft+Forestry/Thaumcraft integration Other crop and food related features and adjustments

Hunger Overhaul Mod Features

  • HarvestCraft village integration: HarvestCraft crops can now be found in villages

Also added water fields for crops that only grow in water (rice & cranberry)

  • HarvestCraft village integration: HarvestCraft food can now be traded

Farmer villagers buy crop produce
Butcher villagers sell stacks of high tier foods

  • HarvestCraft chest loot integration: HarvestCraft food can now be found as chest loot

Includes chests found in dungeons, mineshafts, desert/jungle temples and also the bonus chest
High tier foods only (large meal and above)
The chance for the items to show may need balancing

  • HarvestCraft/Forestry integration: Seeds can be squeezed in the Forestry squeezer

Credit for the idea goes to DraxisWuf

  • HarvestCraft/Forestry integration: HarvestCraft crops can be grown in the Forestry multi-farm

Crops (cucumber, garlic, tomato, etc) are grown using the ‘Vegetable farm’
Bushes (strawberries, grape, kiwi, etc) are grown using the ‘Crop farm’
Tree crops, rice, cranberry, rotten and white mushroom crops not included
See the Forestry wiki for information on how to setup and configure farms

  • HarvestCraft/Forestry integration: Farmers Backpack added

Can store vanilla & HarvestCraft crops and produce
Crafted in the usual backpack style except with wheat seeds on either side
Currently there is no tier 2 (woven) version available
ID configurable in the config (config\HungerOverhaul.cfg)

  • HarvestCraft/Forestry integration: HC saplings can bought from the Forestry lumberjack villager
  • HarvestCraft/Thaumcraft integration: HC crops can now be harvested by straw golems

Tree crops not included as they cannot reach them

  • HarvestCraft/Thaumcraft integration: HarvestCraft seeds, saplings and food now have aspects

The aspect value of food depends on it’s food replenishment value
Another reason to craft higher tier foods

  • Rebalanced food replenishment values

Basically, everything has been nerfed
Unprepared food, such as raw crops or meat replenish half a hunger shank
Cooked crops and meat replenish one full hunger shank
Light meals such (soups, toast, etc) replenish around 2 hunger shanks
Average meals such (baked potato, hamburger, etc) replenish 3-4 hunger shanks
Large meals replenish around 5 hunger shanks
And so on…

  • Tooltips on food

(see screenshots below for a preview)
The tooltip will give you a rough indication of the food value and
saturation value of the food. For example; snack, nourishing meal, etc

  • Maximum stack size depends on hunger value of food

The larger the meal, the less you can carry

  • Eating speed depends on food value

The larger the meal, the longer it takes to eat it
Morsels and snacks can be eaten quicker than in vanilla
Light meals are about the same as vanilla

  • Crops can be right clicked when fully grown to harvest and replant

Self explantory really.  You right click, harvest the produce and the crops remain

  • Crops only grow during daytime (not in torchlight)

Make sense, right?

  • Crops take much longer to grow

This, combined with the above make resources more scarce

  • Crops only give back the planted seeds, no extras

You can still get seeds by punching grass if you need more

Hunger Overhaul Mod screenshot

Hunger Overhaul Mod Hunger Overhaul Mod 1

Hunger Overhaul Mod Recipes

Hunger Overhaul Mod 6 Hunger Overhaul Mod 2 Hunger Overhaul Mod 3 Hunger Overhaul Mod 4 Hunger Overhaul Mod 5


MatrexsVigil for making HarvestCraft and giving me permission to release this mod
DraxisWuf for his ideas

Hunger Overhaul Mod installation

  • Install Minecraft Forge
  • Install HarvestCraft (If using Hunger Overhaul)
  • Put the zip files in your ‘minecraft\mods’ folder

Download Hunger Overhaul Mod

For 1.5.2

For 1.6.2

For 1.6.4

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