GeneCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

GeneCraft Mod is also Genetic Modification Mod. It brings benefits like faster growing and stronger animals. Minecraft’s only selective breeding was that you could cross the colors of wool on sheep. After scraping together what I learned from Biology, I was able to put together a gene system that is passed down from the parents in breeding to the offspring. It is based on alleles, the crosses are accurate (http://en.wikipedia…./Punnett_square). Breeding can bring different effects like faster reproduction rates to enhanced drop amounts.


  • Genes added to wolves, sheep, pigs, and cows.-More drops from animals that have the correct genes (affected by the “dd” allele, homozygous dominant  (“DD”) being the best).
  • Growth Hormones
  • The Euthanizer


genecraft-modSelective Breeding Guide:
Selective breeding is the process in which you take animals with favorable qualities and mate them with each other to obtain offspring with favorable traits. This can result in accelerated growth, the ability to reproduce more often, higher drops, and more as I continue work. For example, you have two pigs. You breed them and kill the parents (because this is Minecraft), and if the parents drop a larger amount of pork (up to 4) then you know the child has favorable genes. You can repeat this process with another pair of pigs and when you have a good child to mate, you bring the two together and you now have a good gene pool to work with.For more information on selective breeding, look at: http://en.wikipedia….ective_breeding

Specific Breedable Traits:
Sheep have wool color dependent on their genes, so you can breed sheep that are homozygous dominant on both the CC and VV alleles, and they will almost always have trippy colored wool.

Wolves have an increased tame chance instead of increased drops, and they also have increased damage “resistance” if bred properly.

Growth Hormones (and their side effects):
Growth hormones can make things go MUCH more quickly, but they are not without a drawback. When you inject an animal, it’s growth rate will go up (it will grow twice as fast on the first injection), but it will also have an increased toxicity level. Each injection has a chance of killing the animal instantly and the toxicity will never leave it. In addition, some toxicity is passed on to offspring so you will need to breed it out if you want to be safe.

The Euthanizer:
The Euthanizer is a tool/weapon that is used to kill all animals in one right click. Each euthanizer has 32 uses and it stacks up to 4 for ease of use. It is the most “humane” way to end your animals.

The DNA Tester:
This is a creative mode only item, it does not have a crafting recipe, but if you want to use it then you can switch to creative mode and grab it out of the tools tab. It gives you a lot of information about the animals that you are using it on (including their genes and age). There are one or two genes that do not have any effects in animals. If people want me to make this craftable, then I will in the next update.

Genes and Their Effects:
As a rule of thumb (and to keep things simple), dominant (capitalized) genes are better.”dd”: This gene controls drops, dominant genes give greater drops”tt”: Increases tame chance (wolves only)”gg”: Growth rate”rr”: Reproduction rate”hh”: Damage resistance (wolves only)The number at the end of the genes is the toxicity if you use the DNA tester.

GeneCraft Mod
GeneCraft Mod Installation:

  • Install with Risugami’s Modloader
  • You MUST install the mod to your minecraft.jar, it overwrites the files of most animals.

Credit: dude0367
GeneCraft Mod Download:


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