Forge Modloader for Minecraft 1.8/1.7.10

Forge Modloader (FML) is a mod for your Minecraft, which will help you load a lot of mods more fast and more easy. It can be used while not install Minecraft Forge, and work fine on both server and client.

Forge Modloader

Forge Modloader can give support for basic texture packs that area unit in HD. However, it’ll solely be effective for HD texture packs of resolution up to 128x. Forge Modloader also will work with some texture packs of 256x resolution, however the present version can solely effectively cowl till 128x. For full HD options, installation of OptiFine is usually recommended. however no worries! FML can enhance the operation of OptiFine.

Forge Modloader must be the best mod loader ever! For further and clearer information, check the README text in the zip file. Forge Modloader will definitely help you guys more, especially if you are one of the developers. Try Forge Modloader right now and see how effective the newest mod loader is!

Forge Modloader 2

How to intall Forge Modloader:

  1. Download Forge Modloader for your Minecraft version and extract it!
  2. Open your .minecraft/bin directory.
  3. Open your minecraft.jar with WinRAR.
  4. Drag and drop all file in the folder you extracted before into minecraft.jar.
  5. Delete META-INF in minecraft.jar.
  6. Emjoy!

Download Forge Modloader for Minecraft

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