Fallout Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2 and 1.5.2

Fallout Mod Suppor  for Minecraft 1.5.1 and Minecraft 1.5, Minecraft 1.4.7. Bringing Fallout to Minecraft

A mod will be add most of the items from all of the Fallout games.

Fallout Mod Information:


Recon Armor
An essential part of crafting the T45d Power Armor. This is the skin that goes directly beneath the armor and allows for the user to link to the exoskeleton. Can also be worn as regular armor. Strength of gold armor.

T45d Power Armor
The most basic form of powered protection. This model is the basis for all power armor models. Twice the protection of diamond.

T51b Power Armor
The second most powerful model of power armor. Naturally, this armor is hard to acquire and takes a lot of resources to build. Crafted by upgrading the T45d Power Armor. Three times stronger than diamond.


Tungsten Rod
The material that makes power armor possible. A semi rare ore that is the basis for all power armor material.

Tungsten Ingot
What is actually used to make Reinforced Alloy Plates. Made by compressing Tungsten Rods together.

Technetium Chunk
For more advanced protection, why not use an even heavier metal.

Technetium Ingot
Made by compressing Technetium Chunks together.

Asbestos Chunk
Surprisingly enough, asbestos is the main component in Recon Armor.

Asbestos Bar
Made by combining several Asbestos Chunks. What is actually used to craft the armor.

Silicon Chunk
Basic material used in various recipes.

Silicon Bar
A combined version of Silicon Chunks.

Tungsten Filter
A strong filter used for power armor waste disposal units.

Ventilation and cooling down for the power armor, Microfusion Packs tend to heat up…

Bottle Cap
Guess what these are?

Reinforced Alloy Plate
The plating that covers power armor to give it it more strength.

A strong fabric like material used in some armors.

Uranium Ingot
What makes nukes possible.

Microfusion Cell
A miniature nuclear fusion device.

Microfusion Pack
A bigger miniature nuclear fusion device.

TX28 Power Armor Microfusion Pack
A larger bigger miniature nuclear fusion device used for powering power armor.


Feral Ghoul
Basically more powerful zombies. These fast powerful creatures are actually humans that have been exposed to an ungodly amount of radiation, and haven’t had the luck to die. Extremely hostile, will attack anything on sight.

Same thing as a feral ghoul, but luckily kept it’s mental faculties in order. Nonhostile, but can be provoked.

Brotherhood of Steel Paladin
The Brotherhood of Steel is an organization operating across the ruins of postwar America, with roots within the American military. Paladins are high ranking soldiers.

Enclave Soldier

A wandering human.

Follower of the Apocalypse Doctor
The Followers of the Apocalypse can be described as rebels, but in their minds they are doing the right thing for the wasteland. What their objective is is to collect as much medical knowledge as they can and share it with the wastes.

Melee Weapons:

Combat Knife
Your standard issue military grade combat knife. Strength of an iron sword.

Cosmic Knife
Literally, the strongest knife on the market. Mainly used in kitchens, this knife has caused many injuries to chef’;s because of it’s strength. There are three variants, the regular Cosmic Knife, a clean version of Cosmic Knife, and the Super Heated Cosmic Knife. Regular and clean versions of the cosmic knife are same strength as diamond while the super heated version does slightly more damage and sets things on fire.

Another kitchen knife, however not as sharp. Slightly stronger than iron.


A heavy flamethrower.

A repeating laser rifle.

Laser Rifle
A strong beamed single shot rifle.

The Compliance Regulator
A test weapon, may paralyze/slow down enemies but does weak damage.

+Food and Chems:

A basic healing item. Useful in tight situations where health is needed.

Super Stimpak
A more efficient healing item. Kinda like three stimpaks in one.

Empty Syringe
Used for crafting chems.

A rage inducing chem that increases your strength.

A chem that amazingly increases the strength of your skin, raising your defense.

Yum Yum Deviled Eggs
Blam Co. Mac and Cheese
Salisbury Steak
Pork ‘n’ Beans
In basic food items from post apocalyptic America, they all contain slight amounts of radiation.


  • Tungsten Ore
  • Technetium Ore
  • Silicon Deposit
  • Carbon Deposit
  • Asbestos Deposit
  • Bulletproof Glass

Fallout Mod Screenshots

Fallout-Mod-5 Fallout-Mod-4 Fallout-Mod-3 Fallout-Mod-1

Fallout Mod Installation:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Fallout Mod zip file
  • Put Fallout Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done


Fallout-Mod-1.5.zip For Minecraft 1.5
Fallout-Mod-1.4.7.zip For Minecraft 1.4.7
The-Fallout-Mod-1.5.1.zip For Minecraft 1.5.1
Fallout Mod 1.5.2: The Fallout Mod v1.7.1.zip

Credits: Blfngl

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