Dreams of Drean Resource Pack


Dreams of Drean resource pack is definitely one of the most peculiar and unique resource packs that you’ll ever have the pleasure of enjoying in Minecraft. The pack has actually been inspired by music, Lindsey Stirling in particular, so you will see an incredible amount of music inspired elements in the game when playing with this pack applied. Overall, the musical-visual elements combined with the highly unique art style of the pack make it one of the most distinct options available, so if a refreshing experience is what you seek, then this is definitely the way to go.

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Dreams of Drean also makes very significant changes to the way in-game items look, specifically the food items. All edible items look very bright and colorful now and the round shaped eggs laid by chickens will become square-shaped after applying this pack which is a rather strange change, but nonetheless it’s one that works out for the pack since it utilizes a very weird and wacky art style overall. Last but certainly not least, perhaps the most iconic feature of this pack is the Lindsey Stirling music that plays on a variety of different occasions as you’re enjoying the game.

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