Dragon Tools Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7/1.5.1/1.5

Dragon Tools Mod may be a mod that adds a sweet new array of tools and armour fabricated from ender steel. The mod adds a handful new things and blocks, yet as a replacement ore that solely generates within the land of the dragon–The finish.

Dragon Tools Mod have 2342 sturdiness and square measure seventy fifth quicker than diamond tools and square measure nearly as good as gold tools/armor once bewitching. they’re created out of a special metal referred to as Ender Ingots, that square measure created by smelting associate Unrefined Ender block in a very chamber.


From left to right – Dragonstone, Unrefined Ender block, Ender block, Dragon blade, Dragon pickax, Dragon Shovel, Dragon Axe, Dragon Hoe, Dragon Helmet, Dragon Body, Dragon Legs, Dragon Boots. The wall the item frames square measure on is created of Blocks of Ender (green) and Dragonstone (purple).


These veins area unit found anyplace within the finish, be it on the surface, or underground. watch out excavating during this black place. make certain to stay the dragon aloof from these ores, as he can destroy them upon impact, not like finish Stone and volcanic glass.

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Dragon Tools Mod 4

As you can see, they drop Dragonstone immediately, so there’s no need to smelt the ore.


Unrefined Ender Ingot

Dragon Tools Mod

These are the rough forms of an Ender Ingot, before the materials are properly smelted into an alloy. The use of the crafting table is merely to form a mobile clump of metal out of the materials used. Refine it to receive an

Ender Ingot

Dragon Tools Mod

This mystical metal is used in the forging of all the Dragon Tools and Armour.

Dragon Tools Mod

As you can see, the crafting recipes for all of the tools are the same as vanilla, however, a wooden handle is too fragile to contain the weight of the metal, so a stronger metal is required. Blaze Rods are used in place of sticks in all of the recipes.

Dragon Tools Mod

Armors also use the same recipes as vanilla. No Blaze Rods or other materials are required to make armor. They only require ingots.

Dragon Tools Mod

Dragon Bow uses a quite expensive recipe as its strong.

Dragon Tools Mod

Dragon Arrows use’s almost the same recipe as vanilla arrows does, except for the rod and ingot.

For the Featherless Dragon Arrow just put a feather under it in the crafting grid.

Dragon Tools Mod

Dragon Tools Mod

Both Dragonstone and Ender Ingots can be welded into Blocks of Dragonstone and Ender respectively. These blocks can be placed anywhere in the crafting grid to get the materials back.

So, as you may have noticed, the tools and armour are end game material and rather expensive, but if you think that beating the Ender Dragon doesn’t yield enough of a reward, this is the mod for you.

Dragon Tools Mod Installation guide:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Dragon Tools Mod at below this pots
  • Put Dragon Tools Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done

Dragon Tools Mod v1.1 Changelogs:

  • Dragon Bow; fires Dragon Arrows.
  • Dragon Arrows; contain the heat of the Nether within. When fired, the heat is unleashed, causing anything it hits to die a fiery death. The heat of the arrow is so intense at this point, that it even destroys the feather flight.
  • Featherless Dragon Arrows; mere materials. When picking up a Dragon Arrow that has been fired from the Dragon Bow, because of the heat destroying the feather flight, you may only retrieve a Featherless Dragon Arrow. To make it into a Dragon Arrow again, just put it in the crafting table with a feather.
  • Armor/Tools now have the same enchantment level as gold.

Download: Dragon-Tools-Mod-1.4.7.zip

Download: Dragon-Tools-Mod-1.5.1.zip

Download: Dragon-Tools-Mod-1.5.zip

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