Deadlock adventure map

Deadlock adventure maps Info:

Things really aren’t as they seem in this adventure map. You are and explorer and an archaeologist. You have been searching all over the country for an unsolved mystery, and you just hit the jackpot. A large research facility called Deadlock has just been condemned. Rumor states that a strange virus has broken out from one of the plants, infecting everyone in the facility.

Deadlock adventure map

Detectives have been called in to investigate the epidemic. The detectives came out withnothing, everyone in the facility just vanished. No traces of blood or any virus has been found. No staff members were found either. The weird thing is, no one saw any staff members come out of the facility. Its your job to find out what’s really going on within the iron walls of Deadlock. Some people speak of an unspeakable horror about Deadlock……It’s your job to find out the truth.

Download: Deadlock- The Journey (4.41 MB)

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