DartCraft Mod For Minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2/1.5.2

DartCraft Mod Features:

DartCraft Mod adds one, and only one new ore to Minecraft: Power Ore. When you mine this ore you receive 2-4 “Force Gems” (fortune affects this) which can be used to create Force Ingots from which specialty tools are crafted, or even squeezed into Liquid Force which can be used in several DartCraft machines. Uses for Liquid Force range from using it to imbue your Force Tools with special upgrades and enhancements (such as vanilla Fortune or custom upgrades like Heat or Grinding), or even powering a Force Engine to generate BuildCraft energy.


DartCraft Mod

  • Portable crafting table.
  • Easily craftable.
  • Keeps inventory.
  • Balance button.
  • To inventory button.
  • Smart Assist button.
  • NEI Overlay support.
  • Can be opened with the ‘C’ key while present on the player’s hotbar and no gui is open.

[tab:Power Ore]

  • DartCraft’s one and only ore.
  • A bit more common than gold, found below y-value 48.
  • Drops 2-4 Force Gems (Fortune effective)
  • Nether variant that is quite common, but dangerous to retrieve.
  • Magical glow, easy to spot in the dark.
  • Config setting to allow re-generation of Power Ore (useful for worlds started before DartCraft was installed.)

DartCraft Mod
DartCraft Mod

Force Gems

  • Can be used in combination with various metals to make Force Ingots, which are used for special tools.
  • Can be converted into a bucket of Liquid Force in various DartCraft machines to fuel them, although inefficiently.
  • Can be squeezed (Forestry) into more Liquid Force, and stored in tanks, forestry cans/capsules or even a bucket.

DartCraft Mod

[tab:Force Ingots]

DartCraft Mod

  • Can be created from Force Gems and Iron, Gold, Bronze, Refined Iron or Silver Ingots.
  • More efficient carpenter recipes to use Liquid Force instead of Force Gems.
  • Can be used to make tools of varying types that are all upgradable using the Force Infuser (discussed below.)
  • Convertible into and from Force Nuggets much like Gold Ingots.
  • Used also to make Force Packs and the instantly necessary Force Rod.

[tab:Force Packs]

DartCraft Mod

  • Created with Force Ingots, leather and a chest.
  • Holds up to 8 items initially, can be upgraded to 40 eventually.
  • Shift Right-Click to rename and recolor your Force Pack on the fly.
  • Will hold anything but other Force Packs and a few blacklisted tools that hold other items, such as Forestry Backpacks.
  • Cannot be placed inside Clipboards.
  • Highly dynamic config file settings.
  • Upgradable to the Ender Pack, which opens your vanilla ender chest and has no holding restrictions. (Packception)
  • If an Ender Pack is present on the player’s hotbar, or inside a Force Belt on the player’s hotbar they may press the ‘X’ key to open the Ender Pack, as long as no other gui is open.

DartCraft Mod
Force Packs are now interactable with inventories like chests by right-clicking on the chest with the Force Pack. Item Cards inside the Pack will determine which items are placed where. Items that normally get sucked into the pack are placed into the inventory, whereas items that are normally restocked are sucked into the pack.

[tab:Force Rod]

DartCraft Mod

  • Crafted From a Force Ingot, Force Nugget and either a stick or the more potent Force Stick, the Force Rod is required to start advancing in DartCraft.
  • – Can alter various items, entities and blocks to bring new and useful content into Minecraft.
  • – Has a growing list of Force Transmutations that allow vanilla and mod tools/armor to be transmuted back into the ingots that made them by simply dropping the item and right-clicking it with the Force Rod. Examples are bronze tools from IC2, steel tools from Railcraft and even thaumium tools from thaumcraft.
  • – Used to make Force Tomes, Force Armor, the Force Infuser and a few more useful things.
  • – Upgradable in the Force Infuser to one of various types of rods.
  • – Can not be used for Force Transmutations in an upgraded state.
  • – Can be used to buff a player with various potion-effects with the proper upgrade.
  • – Using the Speed upgrade gives a Rod of Speed, which gives the vanilla Speed potion effect, as well as Mining Speed and a short jump boost.
  • – DartCraft enhances players under the effects of the vanilla speed potion, allowing them to automatically walk up one-block inclines and also giving them the ability to quickly dart across water complete with sound and visual effects.
  • – Upgrading a Force Rod with the Camo upgrade will give the Rod of Invisibility. Each use of this rod will imbue invisibility on its user for 30 seconds. This effect is not visually detectable.
  • – Can be upgraded with Ender to give the Rod of Return, which may be named and bound to their current location and later used to return its user to that same location, at a variable cost to the rod’s durability, as long as they are in the appropriate dimension.
  • – The Rod of Return must be set before it can be used. To set the rod to your current location shift-right click it to open the gui pictured below, click set to display your current coordinates in the gui, optionally name the location and press ‘save’ to save the location and name currently displayed.

DartCraft Mod

[tab:Force Belt]

  • This relatively cheap to craft tool has its own 8-slot inventory that will open when right-clicked.
  • The Force Belt can hold Force Rods, Force Packs, Ender Packs and Force Flasks inside it for easy storage.
  • Force Flasks may be used as reagents while inside a Force Belt, if they are present.
  • If one and only one Force Belt is present on your hotbar you may press 1-8 on the Numpad to use the Force Rod stored in that slot. (Make sure Num Lock is on.) Teleport belt, anyone?
  • If one and only one Force Belt is present on your hotbar you may press Z at any time to open the inventory of that Force Belt. You may also press X to open your Ender Pack if one is present inside the Force Belt in question.
  • Force Belts are recolorable and renamable just like Force Packs.

[tab:Item Cards]

– Craft one from paper, a force ingot and some dye.
– Right-click to open the interface where there are 16 item slots to place phantom item copies inside. Right-click these phantoms to change the mode of that particular slot.
– Item Cards, when placed inside a Force Pack, will allow the automatic insertion of items that are picked up into that pack instead of the player’s inventory.

DartCraft Mod

  • – The yellow upward-facing arrow indicates the current item is in suck mode. In this mode when the player picks up an item of this type it will immediately go into the Force Pack if possible.
  • – The blue downward-facing arrow indicates the current item is in restock mode. In this mode when the player breaks a tool sharing this item’s ID it will be immediately replaced by another from inside the pack if possible.
  • – Restock mode will also function for non-tool items, in which case it will attempt to keep every matching item at max stack size. The checking happens once every 5 seconds for efficiency purposes, but is more than adequate to keep building supplies full on your hotbar.
  • – They may also be configured to keep a full stack of a given item in the player’s inventory for convenience.
  • – Restock mode and suck mode may be used for the same item, restocking only as many stacks as the user chooses to keep in their inventory.
  • – Item Cards are renamable in the same way as Force Packs and Force Belts.
  • – Force Packs are now interactable with inventories like chests by right-clicking on the chest with the Force Pack. Item Cards inside the Pack will determine which items are placed where. Items that normally get sucked into the pack are placed into the inventory, whereas items that are normally restocked are sucked into the pack.
  • – Upgrade an Item Card with a Crafting Table in the Force Infuser to get a Crafting Card. This specialty Item Card will allow you to set a crafting recipe that will automatically craft with ingredients inside the pack when supplied with the appropriate items.

DartCraft Mod

  • – Crafting Cards may also restock and suck in items, just as regular Item Cards.
  • – Item Cards may be crafted back into default versions of themselves to strip them of all data and upgrades.
  • – Upgrading an Item Card with the Force Upgrade will allow for any item specified by the Item Card to be automatically Force Transmuted if a valid transmutation is found. The resultant of a valid Force Transmutation will be shown on the right-hand side in the gui of the Item Card.

[tab:Force Trees]

DartCraft Mod

  • – Change a regular sapling into a Force Sapling with the Force Rod and either wait for it to grow or bonemeal it up to full size.
  • – Yields Force Logs, which are usable as replacement Logs thanks to the Forge Ore Dictionary.
  • – Force Logs are the one and only source of Force Sticks, required for many DartCraft tools.
  • – Convertible into Force Planks which is a replacement for normal planks in most recipes.
  • – Force Logs are squeezable into a small amount of liquid force using Forestry’s Squeezer.
  • – Leaves drop Force Saplings to replant and occasionally Force Nuggets.
  • – Force Saplings may be Fermented into Biomass using Forestry’s Fermenter.
  • – (Pre 1.5.1 Only) Force Trees may be grown automatically in Forestry Arboretums.


  • – A Force Transmutation is the name given to dropping an item into the world and right-clicking the EntityItem with a Force Rod that has no ugprades.
  • – In general, Force Transmutations transmute a single item into a single item of a different type.
  • – Force Transmutations can be used to make unique DartCraft items, as well as reclaim some materials used to craft certain items.
  • – Each Force Transmutation will use a single durability of the Force Rod per item transmuted.
  • – Most Force Transmutations are meant to make dungeon loot more useful, and to prevent the supersaturation of extraneous armor and tools.
  • – Iron, Gold and Chain armor, as well as Iron and Gold tools can be Force Transmuted back into a varying amount of the ingots used to craft them.
  • – Several mod tool and armor sets are Force Transmutable back into the base ingots used to craft them. Notable instances of this are Railcraft’s Steel and Thaumcraft’s Thaumium tool and armor sets.
  • – Certain items like pickaxes give less materials than were required to craft them.
  • – Minecarts, Iron Doors, Cauldrons and Empty Buckets may be Force Transmuted back into the Iron used to craft them.
  • – Enchanted books may be Force Transmuted into a meager number of Bottle o’ Enchanting. This will never yield more experience than you put into them.
  • – Vanilla bows of any durability may be transmuted back into a single piece of string.
  • – Old stone tools may be Force Transmuted back into a single stick.
  • – Red and Brown mushrooms may be transmuted back and forth between each other. A similar force transmutation also exists for Flowers and Roses.
  • – Unwanted Force Tools may be immediately transmuted into a Force Shard.

[tab:And More]


DartCraft Mod Installation Guide:

  • DartCraft goes into the /mods folder with no other special steps.  DartCraft is not guaranteed to to work properly without both CodeChickenCore and NEI.
  • Consider installing BuildCraft, Forestry, IndustrialCraft, Thermal Expansion and ThaumCraft as DartCraft enhances the experiences of these mods.  Of course Forge and NEI are the only other mods that are required.

Download DartCraft Mod

For 1.6.2: DartCraft-Mod-1.6.2.jar (2.5 MB)

Credits: bluedart

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