Crown Conquest Mod for Minecraft server

Crown Conquest Map 4

Crown Conquest Mod Guest Commands:

  • /cq or /cq help – shows a list of guest commands.
  • /status – shows all remaining people in the game.
  • /join – joins the game in the current world you are in.
  • /leave – leaves the current game you are in.
  • /join <playername> – joins the player.
  • /join <pod> [1,2,3,4,5] joins that pod number.

Crown Conquest Mod admin commands.

  • /cqa or /cqa help – shows a list of admin commands.
  • /cqa or /cqa help – shows a list of admin commands.
  • /cqa kick [player] kicks a player from that game.
  • /cqa start – force starts the game.
  • /cqa stop – stops the game in the current world.
  • /cqa init – registers all chests in the map for a random loot.

The following commands are admin commands and are performed by standing on and looking at the block.

  • /cqa spawn – adds a spawn point in which 1 user can spawn in on /join. This block will also disappear once the game begins.
  • /cqa add drop – adds a drop for the golden crown.
  • /cqa add finish – this is the block the person with the crown has to stand on to claim victory.

Crown Conquest Mod Added weapons / replaced item

  • Ninja Disk – Snow Ball
  • Fire staff – Wooden Hoe
  • Ice staff – Iron Hoe
  • Voodoo doll – Shears

Crown Conquest Mod Installation

1. First of all we have indeed spent extra time in creating the map for this so head over to this link and download the Crown Conquest Map

2. Once in first thing before you will be able to perform any commands you must type /cqa init. If you do not do this when trying to perform another command it will tell you there is no arena in this world.

3. After that go around to all podiums where people are ment to spawn on and what are ment to disappear. Look at each of them and type /cqa spawn. This will set up a spawn location.

4. Now go to all 3 gold blocks located under the big crowns in the sky. Stand on them, look at them and type /cqa add drop. This will allow the crowns to spawn at sunset.

5. Head towards the dragon mountain. Head to the finishing podium, stand on it and look at it while typing /cqa add finish. When a player comes and stands on this with the crown the game will be over, they will gain money and respawn back at /spawn.

Download: CrownConquest.jar (63 KB)


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