Craftable Saddles Mod for Minecraft 1.6.1

Craftable Saddles Mod adds Minecraft 1.6.1 horses and your first thought may be “Awesome!” but then you realize how hard saddles are to obtain, which stinks. That’s why I made this mod! It is a simple mod that adds one recipe:

craftable-saddles-mod craftable-saddles-mod

Craftable Saddles Mod Installation:

To use this mod, you must have the latest version of Minecraft Forge installed
1. Download the latest 1.6.1 forge installer
2. Run the .jar, install the Client.
3. Run the launcher using the “Forge” profile from the drop-down list. Play Minecraft.
4. Once it loads, quit Minecraft.
5. Place the [1.6.1] file in the “mods” folder in your main /.minecraft folder (in /appdata)
6. Play and enjoy.

Credit: picklerok

Craftable Saddles Mod Download:

Craftable Saddles

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