Craft Heraldry Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1

Craft Heraldry Mod is a mod that allows you to Craft Heraldry in your game. Before installing/using these or any mods, make sure you backup your .minecraft folder, I (Vazkii), or any other modders for that matter, am not responsible in any way, shape or form for any damage dealt to, but not only, your saves, your minecraft, your computer or others.

Craft Heraldry Mod Craft Heraldry Mod 1


The first thing you’ll need is a Heraldic Scroll, that allows you to write your heraldry on a scroll.
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After you customized your heraldry to the best of your design skill (note, you must press the “Done” button!), it’s time to put it in the world. You can either hang it in a wall or put it on the floor, pick your poison, wall and floor, respectively:
Posted Image  Posted Image

Craft Heraldry Mod Installation

You’ll need: Minecraft Forge

Installation process:

  • Installing Forge:
    • Open your Minecraft launcher.
    • Open the “Options” menu near the “login” button
    • Use the link in the Options menu to open the .minecraft directory
    • Navigate to the bin folder.
    • Open minecraft.jar and the Forge version you downloaded with appropriate archive software. (i.e WinRAR, 7-Zip)
    • Drag all contents from Forge into the minecraft.jar
    • Delete the META-INF folder from the minecraft.jar
    • Close both minecraft.jar and Forge download.
    • Go back to the .minecraft directory.
  • Installing CraftHeraldry:
    • While inside the .minecraft directory, create a new folder titled “mods”, assuming there isn’t one already.
    • Drag and drop the entire CraftHeraldry .zip file into the mods folder. (Do not extract the contents of the .zip)


CraftHeraldry (6.89 MB)

Credit: Vazkii

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