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Cheating Essentials Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2 and 1.6.4

Cheating Essentials includes a lot of cheats to make the gameplay easier like: Fly, X-Ray, Auto-Respawn, Chest Finder, Killaura , Waterwalk, Nofall, Sprint, Fastplace. All of these in only one mod, and toggleable by a simple GUI that can be get pressing “G”

Cheating Essentials Mod is NOT meant to be used for griefing prouposes. It’s only for SMP and SSP cheating and for making the life in MC a little bit easier.

Keybinding: “G” Key: Open the Cheating Essentials GUI [Based in “The Colony” GUI (Open Source project)]

Cheating Essentials Mod Cheating Essentials Mod free 1 Cheating Essentials Mod free 2 Cheating Essentials Mod free 3

Download for 1.6.2

[download]Cheating-Essentials-Mod-1.6.2.zip (259 KB)[/download]

Download for 1.6.4

[mega]Cheating-Essentials-Mod-Forge-1.6.4.jar (206 KB)[/mega]

Download for 1.7.2

Cheating-Essentials-Mod-1.7.2.jar 130 KB

Credits: Kodehawa

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