Chatlog Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2 and 1.6.2

Ever been on a Minecraft multiplayer server, and someone says something? Yeah. Everyone who plays on a server must have heard someone saying something in chat. There is so much chat going around that you don’t feel it’s worth screenshooting, if you hadn’t ever seen chat before I guess you could have done that.


  • Saves all chat, automatically, to a folder called “chatlogs” in .minecraft
  • Only one class file
  • Saves colors!
  • Several color themes to select from
  • Doesn’t send anything to the server, meaning it won’t say anything in your place
  • You won’t even notice it’s there
  • Compatible with most other mods
  • Does not require ModLoader or Forge
  • All messages are timestamped
  • Configuration file (.minecraft\config\

[tab:”Screenshots] Chatlog Mod Chatlog Mod 1

[tab:”Configuring the mod]

Chatlog Mod supports configuration and will upon first use create a properties file at .minecraft\config\ This file currently contains one configurable setting:

– max_logs: The maximum amount of logs the mod can store. The mod creates one new log per day Minecraft has been played and has received chat. Setting this to 0 will store only today’s log, and setting it to -1 will store an infinite number of logs. The actual amount of logs stored by the mod might vary slightly. If you want to limit the mod to a strict maximum value you should set it to 1 lower than your intended value. If you set the value to 40, it will store the last 40 logs. If it’s the first time per day you play Minecraft, it will generate a 41st log, but it will reduce to 40 on next launch the same day.

– color_pack: Which color pack to use. Current available color packs: 0 (default) and 1 (dark). Changes to the color pack will not affect already received messages and logs.

As new updates come, new options may be included. This will be listed in the changelog at the bottom of this post. To take use of new options, do the following:

  • Install the mod, then start the game.
  • Play any server or single player world.
  • Say something (or wait for someone else to say something).
  • Close the game. The new options can now be found in the config file.


Download For 1.5.2:

Download For 1.6.2: