Carpenter’s Block Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2 and 1.6.4

You wil have stairs, barriers, slabs, gates, slopes,.. and many things in your Minecraft world with Carpenter’s Block Mod. This mod is now available in Minecraft 1.6.2.

Carpenter’s Block Mod Screenshots:

carpenters-block-mod carpenters-block-mod carpenters-block-mod carpenters-block-modcarpenters-block-mod

Carpenter’s Block Mod Crafting:

carpenters-block-mod carpenters-block-mod carpenters-block-mod carpenters-block-mod carpenters-block-mod


 Carpenter’s Block Usages:

  • All slopes ar created victimization the Carpenter’s Slope.  Fences and walls ar created victimization the Carpenter’s Barrier.  Single and two-high gates ar made victimization the Carpenter’s Gate.
  • For slopes, sort is decided by wherever on a block face you right click, and/or by the direction you’re facing.  For barriers, they’ll inherit sort from neighboring Carpenter’s Barriers.
  • For slopes, corners, oblique corners and pyramids ar mechanically made employing a straightforward algorithmic program.  Generally, if you place the corner piece last, it’ll kind into a corner.  Place the pyramid prime last, and it’ll transform a pyramid piece.  Transformation-checking isn’t comprehensive, however is mostly excellent.
  • If you would like to override block auto-orientation once inserting slopes, hold the sneak key whereas inserting the slope. step orientation is decided by direction, however additionally influenced by neighboring Carpenter’s Stairs once remodeling to corners (much like vanilla stairs).
  • Use the hammer to cycle through slopes, barriers, and stairs or to vary the direction or thickness of sure blocks.  Typical behavior is noted within the image higher than.
  • The blocks ar created as empty frames, and should be coated victimization regular block materials.  Blocks that may be anticipated to texture properly are accepted as a canopy.  If a block will not work as a canopy, it’s as a result of it seemingly would not work anyways.
  • The blocks may be overlaid victimization seeds, snowballs, tracheophyte or string.  Seeds turn out a grass surface on prime, and tracheophyte and string can surround the block.  Snowballs cowl the block with a snowy surface.
  • To get rid of AN overlay or cowl, you need to destroy the frame (which is recoverable), or shift left click a coated or overlaid block with the hammer.  The overlay can eject 1st, followed by the duvet.


Carpenter’s Block Mod Download:

Need install Minecraft Forge before!

For 1.6.4 and 1.6.2

Carpenter’s Block

For 1.6.1

Credit: Mineshopper

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