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BicBiomeCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1/1.4.7

The BicBiomeCraft mod for Minecraft adds over 220 biomes to your Minecraft game. With that many new biomes, exploring a new world will never get old.

Biomes vary widely in terms of their appearance. There are dark caves depth, forested hinterlands, and everything in between. Most of the biomes are very imaginative and lead to some fantastic-looking landscapes. In fact, the mod’s slogan is that BicBiomeCraft is “where imagination goes crazy.”

Although there are 220 new biomes in the mod, the creator claims that about one quarter of those biomes are unnoticeable. In other words, they look so similar to existing biomes that most players won’t notice the difference. So in that sense, there are only about 160 new biomes in the BicBiomeCraft mod.

BicBiomeCraft Mod

BicBiomeCraft Mod also added:

  • 8 new sets of tools
  • 8 sets of new armor
  • 8 new types of ore
  • 5 new trees
  • 5 new monsters
  • 1 new food
  • New water colors and particle effects
  • 10 new items
  • 30 new blocks
  • ..etc..

BicBiomeCraft 1.5.1 installation

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge
  2. Drag all the files from the Client&Server class folder (found within the BicBiomeCraft download folder) into your Minecraft.jar
  3. Start playing and enjoy!

Credit : tung115



Fix Link:

696613118.BicBiomesCraft7.0-Client&Server.zip (706 KB)


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