Better Survival Modpack for Minecraft 1.4.7

What makes this Better Survival Modpack Unique:

  • Fully Compatible with SMP
  • Focuses on Multible a lot of ways in which of extant.
  • Making Survival more durable, however additionally Funnier.
  • Smarter Mobs, they Smell, Sense, and Climb, something to induce you.
  • Thirst, Water may be a vital think about extant, use your Imagination to induce it.
  • No Hardcore Machinery Like Tekkit to try to to the toil.
  • Tons and plenty of New Biomes. Survive within the High Cold Alps, or the Dry Savannah.
  • More Beauty, Falling Leafes, or Spinkely Waterfalls.
  • Natureal Disasters, get smitten by a Meteor, or get blow avey by a Tornado.
  • New Sounds, Crickets Birds adding a full new astmophere.
  • Set up your own very little Tent Camp, or simply a trifle Campfire?
  • When obtaining hit you’ll begin trauma, this may atract Monsters.
  • New Ores to Mine, Genius new Ores that’s 100 percent Balanced.
  • Mary Villagers and acquire children, colonizing is additionally some way of Survival.
  • Lay Down or Climb a Mountain, with SmartMoving
  • Add Freinds ingame and Chat with them.
  • Custom Configs to form all of the Mods run as they must.
  • New Magic things and Serums

Better-Survival-Mod-1 Better-Survival-Mod-2 Better-Survival-Mod-3

Better Survival Modpack Client Installer instruction:

  • Download the Client
  • Right click the Installer and press “Yes” to Delete Meta-Inf
  • Say “NO” to Modloader and Audio Mod (Important)
  • When it says done close it and Start up Minecraft

Better Survival Modpack Server Installer instruction:

  • Download the Server
  • Extract all of The Files to a folder
  • Click “Start”
  • Logon to the Server

Download for server: Better-Survival-Mod-Server-1.4.7.rar (16.0 MB)

Download for client: Better-Survival-Mod-Client-1.4.7.rar (18.8 MB)

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