Better Grass & Leaves Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.5.2

Better Grass & Leaves Texture Pack is support for the Mod with the same name Better Grass & Leaves Mod

NEW: a total of 15 grasses and 19 grassblock-sides textures are added.

This Mod is compatible with Biomes O’ Plenty


Better Grass & Leaves Texture Pack Installation:

  • Get a clean minecraft.jar.
  • Download and install Risugami’s Modloader or Forge Modloader.
  • Copy the content of the mods ZIP-File into your minecraft.jar.
  •  Get any HD Texturepack working by using Optifine or MCPatcher. (I recommend Misa’s Texturepack)
  • Download reilem’s 64x Textures for Better Grass and Leaves Mod.
  • go to your Minecraft\bin Folder
  • open minecraft.jar with Winrar or something similar.
  • navigate to textures\blocks folder.
  •  open the downloaded .zip with Winrar or something similar
  • drag and drop all folders and files in my .zip into textures\blocks in the minecraft.jar.

Credit: reilem91

Better Grass & Leaves Texture Pack Download: (V.1.1)

Better Grass & Leaves Texture

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