Applied Energistics Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4 and 1.6.2

A Mod About energy, and matter and getting stuff done! Probably.

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Applied Energistics Mod Recipes:

Applied Energistics ModInstallation:

  • Install Minecraft Forge
  • DO delete the META-INF folder in minecraft.jar
  • Download the mod .zip file and install this in the mods folder in your minecraft directory like any other Forge/ModLoader mod

Applied Energistics Mod Changelogs:

Revision 10.a

  • Minecraft 1.5.1 Support
  • Changed various internal system to improve performance and accuracy.
  • Added Basic Import Bus.
  • Added Basic Export Bus.
  • Added Fuzzy Import Bus.
  • Added Fuzzy Export Bus.
  • Added Fuzzy Storage Bus.
  • Pattern Encoder now remembers its setup between visits.
  • Pattern Encoder can now stores blank patterns.
  • Pattern Encoder now functions with automation.
  • Right Clicking the search bar in the terminal clears it now.
  • Colored Cables now use the Ore Dictionary For their crafting patterns.
  • Added Multiple Language Support ( languages are defined in “/mods/appeng/lang/” )
  • Added Basic Russian and Spanish Translations ( thanks to those on IRC who spent the time on these. )
  • All Textures are now stored in separate files ( “/mods/appeng/textures/” )
  • Buses using Stack Mode now consume more power, both idle and per item.
  • Removed a large number of un-necessary updates and renders.
  • Improved Latency / Bandwidth usage for Terminal / ME Chest Guis.
  • ME Chest now has Sorting Options.
  • Restructured backbone infrastructure to enable future optimization and faster read/write access on the networks.
  • Level Emitters now use even based logic instead of polling logic.
  • Tooltips are now searched in terminal gui.
  • Pattern Encoder can now be triggered with redstone pulses.
  • Added new ME Cable, and changed previous ME Cable to “Covered ME Cable”
  • Added various configuration options for controling the speed of updates and logic for various parts of the mod that can be used to improve preformance on heavily burdended servers.
  • Added Fluix Crystals
  • Added Fluix Dust
  • Added Fluix Pearl
  • Renamed Quartz to “Certus Quartz”
  • Added Nether Quartz Dust.
  • Certus Quartz is not registered in the ore dictionary any longer.
  • Removed Compressor pattern.
  • Added support for Vanilla “Can Place Item In Slot”
  • Changed Ratio of Dust to Crytstal to 1:1.
  • Quartz tools may now be crafted with any “crystalQuartz” ore dictionary items, as well as nether quartz.
  • Removed “Quartz Fiber”
  • Updated Crafting API.
  • Added disableNetherQuartzRecipes to allow users to disable non AE Nether Quartz Processing.
  • Fixed Factorization Wrath Igniter Crafting ( probably )
  • Modified crafting logic to attempt to search for other NBT variations for some items.
  • Sort By ItemID/DamageValue
  • Added Support for Universal Electricity ( 20 Watt per unit )
  • Preformatter can now be configured to do fuzzy formatting.
  • Fuzzy Busses / Preformatter Treat all Damaged items the same, but a fully repaired item as different. Allowing for some neat tricks without to much hastile.
  • You can now select negative priorities.
  • You can now configure which ores the quartz grindstone will pull from the ore dictionary.
  • Import / Export buses now push / pull up an average of 1 or 64 items per 5 ticks, exactly as defined, this may cross multiple item boundaries or multiple stacks.
  • The wireless terminal no longer uses the location of the Controller to communicate with it. Allowing mobile controllers.
  • Vastly Improved Network connection calculations for faster updates / and loading.
  • Space-Clicking in the Crafting Terminal’s crafting Matrix now clears just the crafting matrix into storage.
  • Text in Terminal is now rendered OVER the damage bar, and if NEI is installed it will always show the items stored in the tooltip.
  • Fixed Minor render glitch with Gui Icon Buttons.
  • You can now use the wrench to select an output face for the Interface where it will send crafting items.
  • Added Power Usage info to IGridInterface API
  • Fixed a bug bug which made it possible to insert a cell into itself.

Credits: AlgorithmX2


For 1.6.4 and 1.6.2

For 1.5.1

For 1.4.7

For 1.5.2

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