Airship Mod Download For Minecraft 1.6.1/1.5.2

Airship Mod is adds a fully working Airship to Minecraft, complete with fuel systems and animations!

Airship-Mod Airship-Mod-1 Airship-Mod-2 Airship-Mod-3



Airship Mod


  • W – Fly Forward
  • A – Turn Left
  • S – Reverse
  • D – Turn Right
  • Z – Go Up
  • X – Go Down

Click the Airship with coal to fuel it!

How to install Airship Mod:

  • Always back up your minecraft
  • Install Minecraft Forge or Risugami’s Modloader
  • Download Airship Mod
  • Then run minecraft at least once, with Modloaderinstalled.
  • This will generate the folder ‘mods’ in the minecraft directory.
  • Just copy the Zip file into that folder.
  • Enjoy your minecraft

Credits: bmanrules


Airship 1.5.2 (363 KB)