Advanced Darkness Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2 and 1.5.2

Advanced Darkness Mod is something the most remote than ever, even on the lowest brightness setting. You can see perfectly well in the dark, making torches only a mob-spawn defense.. not a requirement.

Recommended playstyle

  • Don’t build a structure until the second night!
  • Don’t Starve!


  • Awesome shadow-based lighting. Torches are a requirement!
  • Automatic gamma-setting. Can be disabled on a session-per-session basis.
  • Nerfed torches. They give off less light, and craft on a 1:1 ratio of coal/sticks!
  • Spider changes. They’re bigger.

How it works

The gamma is turned way down, to -1. This creates the awesome darkness effect. I’ve only edited three classes I remember – (to nerf torches), (to disable loading the gamma and instead set it to -1), and EntitySpider.


You don’t need this mod to play with Advanced Darkness! You can also run vanilla/modded Minecraft like this (albeit without the 1:1 torch recipes/spider changes). In your options.txt (in the .minecraft directory), simply change the ‘gamma’ option to -1. That’s it! This mod does it automatically, with some changes otherwise to verify it as a real mod.

ALERT! This mod needs NO other files to run! It is a direct jar edit, so you don’t need any APIs like ModLoader or Forge. I do not recommend running this mod with any other mods.

advanced-darkness-mod advanced-darkness-mod advanced-darkness-mod

Advanced Darkness Mod Installation:

  • Unzip the download, open minecraft.jar with 7Zip or WinRAR, and drag-and-drop the 4 class files into the .jar. Delete META-INF.

Advanced Darkness Mod Download:

For 1.5.2 :

For 1.6.2: 

Credit: trentv4

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