A Shopping Survival Map for Minecraft 1.6.2/1.6.1/1.5.2

A Shopping Survival Map is another custom map made by magiciandark! Your duty is to get resources to trade with the villagers to build up currency. Once You Have enough money (gold nuggets) then you can buy items that will immensely help you to survive. You Start Out With two golden nuggets so use them wisely. Make sure you look at all the trades beforeyou spend them.


  • Make A Wheat Farm
  • Make A House
  • Make A Cobblestone Generator
  • Make A Melon/Pumpkin Farm
  • Make A Mob Spawner
  • Get A Portal
  • Farm The Pigman
  • Get The End-Game Gear
  • Defeat The Dungeons
  • Conquer The Castle On A Cloud
  • Get To Level 30

a-shopping-survival-map a-shopping-survival-map a-shopping-survival-map

Credit: magiciandark

A Shopping Survival Map Download:



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